Overall Wins

Appreciation Awards


2ND (72):
Nicholas Worth

3RD (63):
Stephan Edwards

4TH (37):
Randall Pochmara

5TH (14):
B.J. Crouse

6TH (13):
Ryan Lowery
Justin Bishop

7TH (12):
Chas Clingan

8TH (9):
Sahil Bhan

9TH (8):
Brad Basehar
Douglas Sanders

10TH (7):
Malakie McElhaney

11TH (6):
Carl Brown
Sean Brown
Bryar Parks

12TH (5):
James Sanders

13TH (4):
Valerie Sanders
Chris Terrell
Mason Williams
John Starr
Chris Kuskie
Tyler Starr

14TH (3):
Waymon Alexander
Josh Anglin
John Higgins
Dustin Willis

15TH (2):
Brett Pickett
Micah Cannon
Karson Crawford
John Hanners
Stephen McAllister
Tyler Troupp
Chris Brown
Branden McConnel
Timothy Kamm
Adam Shewmake
Gabriel Kelley

16TH (1):
Lake Ashley
Robert Lanham
Chad Chandler
David Edwards
Sam Emerson
Cody Hale
Ricky Harrison
Allyssa Martin
Kandace Pochmara
Ronald Sanders
Paul Siegfried
Bethany Solomon
Bryan Stalzer
Justin Wherley
Joe Chapman
Michael Todd
Colby Brewer
Paul Miner
Marcus Godwin
Ariana Kelley
Elijah Kelley
Jennifer Ogger
Curtis Bass
Kailas Hearn
Cross Hughes
Zach Pearson
Logan Robertson
D'kota Odom
Gregory Smallwood
Treven Penney

(Given To Those Who Have Shown Great Support Of The Mena Gaming Association, Be It Individual People Or Businesses, They Can Only Be Awarded ONCE And Are A Token Of Our Highest Gratitude.)

2017 - The Backbone

Tyler Starr
John Starr
D'kota Odom

2016 - Fresh Perspective

Ariana Kelley
Tyler Lane
Logan Robertson

2015 - Looking Back

Bryar Parks
Sean Brown
Chas Clingan

2014 - Mena Advertising

Mena Radio
Pony Express Printing
Tammy Stockton & K.O.P.S. Thrift Store

2013 - The OLT

Tim Hesse & The Ouachita Little Theatre
Chris Kuskie
Mitchell's Computer Services

2012 - Mena Support

George S. Davis
George O'Daniel
Andy Philpot

2011 - RMCC TV

Carrie Baker
Rudi Timmerman
Chris Greggory

2010 - RMCC SGA

Jenny Hogan
Paul Heath
Terry Francis

2009 - A New Beginning

Ronnie Medford
Randall Pochmara
Susie Mosley

2008 - The Next Generation

Sahil Bhan
Chris Terrell
Ryan Lowery

2007 - The Sanders Family

Craig & Vanessa Sanders
Richard, James, Elizabeth, Alex,
Ronald, Valerie, & Douglas Sanders

2006 - Really Great Pizza

Lee Guyezel
John Robertson
Guy Weitzel

2005 - The Following

Josh Anglin
John "Grimli" Higgins
Malakie McElhaney

2004 - The Beginning

Paul Siegfried
Carl Brown
Brad Basehar

2003 - The Founders

Justin Bishop
Nicholas Worth
Stephan Edwards

Recurring Awards

(As Decided By Mena Gaming Association Popular Vote At Mid-Season Event. Awarded 2003-2013 Until Discontinued Due To Lowered Event Frequency.)

(As Decided By Points And Performance)

(Only Season Winners May Be Nominated For This Award)

(All MGA Staff Members From The Season Will Be Nominated)

(The MGA's Top Participants For The Year Will Be Nominated)

(Only The Top 5 Newbie's From The Season Will Be Nominated)