Executive Board

Head Of
Internal Affairs

Tyler Lane has been pivotal in the Mena Gaming Association's involvement in such charities as Relay for Life and Toys for Tots.

The Head Of Internal Affairs of The Association is in charge of handling all entrance fees and donations along with directing and organizing all Association Events.

Head Of
Public Relations

Nicholas John Worth was one of the 3 original founders of the Mena Gaming Association along with Justin Bishop and Stephan Edwards.

As the Head Of Public Relations, he is the head of communications, public relations and public affairs within the Association, as well as acting as the web master for the MGA Website.

Head of
Event Coordination

Logan Robertson has been with the MGA for over a decade donating his time and often electronics for many past events.

The Mena Gaming Association Head of Event Coordination is in charge of making sure all events run smoothly by helping to set and pack up, as well as well as maintaining equipment and monitoring events.

Head Of
Social Interaction

Ariana Kelley has been with the Association for over 5 years and has helped direct and steer the MGA with her vocal opinion.

The Head of Social Interaction is in charge of assisting the participants, monitoring sign-ups, following the brackets, and calling matches as well as moderating and utilizing all Social Media outlets.










Anyone and everyone who attends and/or participates in a Mena Gaming Association Event is considered a member. The MGA is run by the people for the people and is always open to hear any and all complaints, criticisms, or compliments via any of our various forms contact including but not limited to by phone, e-mail, social media, or in person!