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The Co-President is the highest ranked staff member of Association, and is responsible for managing the day-to-day activities, monitoring the daily operations of the company and reporting to the Board of Directors.

Head Of Internal Affairs
Ronnie Medford

Ronnie Medford has attended Mena Gaming Association events since 2004, and holds the Hall of Fame Record for "Most MGA Wins".

The Head Of Internal Affairs of The Association is in charge of directing, organizing, and monitoring all Association Events.

Founder / Head Of Public Relations
Nicholas John Worth

Nicholas John Worth is also 1 of the 3 Mena Gaming Association Founders.

As the Head Of Public Relations, he is the head of communications, public relations and public affairs within the Association, as well as acting as the web master for the MGA Website.


Justin Bishop & Stephan Edwards

Vice President
The Vice President is the second highest ranked member of the Association, the Vice President's are responsible for aiding the MGA Co-Presidents in all areas.

Head Of Social Interaction
Ariana Kelley

The Mena Gaming Association Head Of Social Interaction is in charge of assisting the participants, following the brackets, and calling matches.

Head of Event Coordination
Logan Robertson

The Mena Gaming Association Head of Event Coordination is in charge of making sure all events run smoothly by helping to set and pack up, as well as monitoring and refereeing all MGA Events.

Head of Participant Registration
Tyler Lane

The Mena Gaming Association Head of Participant Registration is in charge of sign-ups, accepting entrance fee's & donations, and making sure all participants have filled out an information sheet before entering.